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ODDS BOOST (coming soon)

ODDS BOOST in Asymetrix v2


During the development phase of Asymetrix version 1, our team continuously gathered feedback from users to understand which new features should be incorporated into version 2. A significant portion of the user base expressed the desire for better odds of receiving rewards in the weekly DRAW events.


ODDS BOOST is the first type of BOOST that a user can acquire when they provide and lock liquidity within the Asymetrix platform. This BOOST significantly increases a user's chance of receiving rewards in the weekly DRAW events, with the potential of getting x4 odds.

How Does it Work?

When a user provides and locks liquidity in a supported pool, their odds of receiving rewards in the weekly DRAW will be boosted. The extent of this BOOST can go up to a factor of x4, depending on various parameters such as the Lock Period and Liquidity-to-Deposit Ratio, as described in the general boosting mechanisms section.