Protocol - a smart contract where users send their deposits in stETH;

Yield - it is % generated from stETH staking;

stETH - a token of liquid staking provider Lido that represents an amount of staked ETH;

$PST (Pool Share Token) is a token minted by protocol and sent to the user's wallet after his deposit. It displays the user's share in protocol and is required to withdraw his deposit;

$ASX - Asymetrix Protocol governance token. Required to have a weight in governance voting;

Draw - selection process of user/users who will receive the generated yield in this period. Takes place in a specific period (one per week currently);

TWAB (time-weighted average balance) - a percentage of yield generated by the specific user compared to the yield generated by the whole protocol (between draws);

Pick - represents an entry containing the user's address and is used to choose a winner. Each person has a number of picks that depends on the user's TWAB. More picks - more odds;

Total picks - number equals total deposits / minimum deposit amount (0.1 ETH at the moment).

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