CLAIM esASX. Step-by-step guide

How It Works in Practice

Just like before, while you're using Asymetrix (keeping your stETH deposit in the protocol and participating in weekly DRAWs), you'll accrue esASX tokens, which will be displayed on the main page of the application. You can claim your accrued esASX tokens once every 24 hours. To do this, click the "Claim" button and you will be redirected to the correspondence Claim page.

Claiming esASX

As you hold your stETH deposit in Asymetrix, you'll accumulate esASX every second, which you can claim later.

  1. You'll see the balance available for claiming;

  2. Choose the amount of esASX you'd like to claim;

  3. Click the 'Claim' button;

  4. The display will show the amount of esASX in your account (received after claiming).

Converting esASX to ASX

Next, you need to convert your esASX into ASX by sending them into vesting.

  1. Observe your esASX balance.

  2. Choose how many esASX tokens you want to send to vesting.

  3. Click the "Convert esASX to ASX" button.

Vesting Progress

After sending your esASX tokens into vesting, you'll be able to monitor the vesting progress in a dedicated section. This will include details such as the number of tokens sent for vesting, the start and end dates, a progress bar, and an option for early conversion with a penalty.

ASX Claim

Once the vesting period is over, you'll see relevant information in a specific window.

  1. The number of ASX tokens you can claim post-vesting.

  2. Enter the amount of ASX you wish to claim.

  3. Click the "Claim ASX" button.

  4. Your new ASX balance will be displayed here.

Important note #1

For users who receive esASX distribution BOOST.

The BOOST system is designed in a such way that, to get a BOOST, a user's LTD Ratio must be at least 3%. If this ratio drops below 3%, not only BOOSTS will be automatically deactivated, but there's also a risk of previously farmed with BOOST but not claimed esASX losing. These unclaimed esASX tokens become claimable (buy with a discount option) by other users. This applies only to esASX that were farmed with an active BOOST. esASX tokens earned without a BOOST cannot be liquidated. Please be aware of this and ensure your LTD ratio remains above 3%, for instance, by creating an additional liquidity position. This ensures that even if prices drop, your LTD remains above 3%. For more information, see the BOOSTS article.

Important note #2

Claiming esASX with active BOOST.

While your BOOST is active, you are able to claim esASX tokens at a rate multiplied by your BOOST (ranging from 1.05 to 4.0). However, once this period ends, so does your BOOST.

Avoid claiming your esASX tokens after your position’s lock period ends and your BOOST rate drops to 1.0. Claiming during an inactive BOOST period means losing out on the additional tokens earned during the BOOST.

You should either claim esASX when the BOOST is active or If the lock period expires, extend the lock on your position so, you can reactivate your BOOST and then claim the tokens, ensuring you receive the full amount earned during the boosted period.

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