BOUNTY - Discounted esASX

Purchase esASX at a Discount

Where do the discounted esASX tokens come from?

Currently, there are three different scenarios in which esASX becomes available for purchase at a 50% discount.

  1. Early exit from esASX vesting.

The esASX tokens that each Asymetrix user fails to receive due to early conversion of esASX into ASX will be available for purchase at a 50% discount by other users.

  1. Unclaimed esASX by other users when their LDT ratio drops below 3%.

If users have earned esASX during the Initial distribution with BOOST, and their Liquidity-to-Deposit Ratio (LTD Ratio) falls below 3%, their unclaimed esASX can be purchased by any user at a 50% discount.

  1. esASX that were not distributed during stage 2 of the initial distribution with BOOST.

During stage 2 of the initial distribution, 1,000,000 esASX/ASX were allocated over 200 days, distributing 5,000 esASX/ASX daily among all users.

However, with version 2 of Asymetrix users have the opportunity to provide liquidity to the protocol and receive relevant BOOSTS, including esASX BOOST. This means that users with a 4x boost can claim 4 times more tokens daily. To accommodate this, an additional 3,000,000 esASX/ASX were allocated.

It's important to note that not all users will achieve the maximum boost, so not all additional 3,000,000 tokens will be fully distributed within 200 days A part of unused tokens allocated for distribution with an active BOOST is provided daily for sale at 50% discounted rate.

How to purchase esASX at a discount?

esASX to buy at a 50% discounted rate is available on the BOUNTY page.

The purchase is made using either ETH or ASX. This model serves a dual purpose: it helps to mitigate selling pressure while also boosting demand. It will also let Asymetrix believers to acquire tokens at half their market value.

Where does the received ETH go?

The ETH received by the protocol will be swapped for ASX on the open market and the received ASX will be burned in the same transaction.

Where does the received ASX go?

The ASX received by the protocol will be burned.

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