MINI POOLS (coming soon)

In the first version of the Asymetrix protocol, users with smaller deposits found their chances of receiving weekly rewards to be significantly low. Recognizing this disparity, we've introduced a new feature in Asymetrix v2: MINI POOLS.

What are MINI POOLS?

MINI POOLS are specially designed pools aimed at increasing the chances of smaller depositors to participate effectively in the Asymetrix ecosystem. Essentially, a MINI POOL serves as a "collective user" that competes in the weekly DRAW events on behalf of its participants.

The reward earned by this "collective user" is distributed among all participants of the MINI POOL according to their respective shares in that pool. For users with smaller deposits, this is a great way to BOOST their ODDS in the DRAWS (though, of course, the reward will also be split among all mini-pool participants proportionally). For all other solo participants, this mechanism doesn't change anything; their ODDS remain the same. The competition will just shift from, let's say, 100 smaller users to 10 larger ones. Solo depositors' odds remain unchanged.

How do MINI POOLS work?

  1. Deposit to a MINI POOL: The option to deposit into one of the mini-pools is initially available to all users. Quite simply, you must decide how you want to participate in Asymetrix - solo or be part of a MINI POOL and proceed accordingly.

  2. Weekly DRAW Participation: The MINI POOL participates in the weekly DRAW events, competing for rewards just like any other user.

  3. Reward Distribution: If the MINI POOL wins, rewards are then distributed among the pool's participants proportionally based on their share of stETH in the pool.

Benefits of Using MINI POOLS

  • Increased Chances: By pooling resources, individual users within a MINI POOL have a better chance of receiving weekly rewards.

  • Proportional Rewards: Should the MINI POOL win, each participant receives a portion of the rewards in proportion to their stETH contributions.

  • Greater Participation: MINI POOLS allow users with smaller deposits to be more active participants in the Asymetrix ecosystem, rather than passive observers.

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