esASX BOOST in Asymetrix v2


As known to our early users, one of the incentives for participating in the Asymetrix protocol is the distribution of the native token, esASX. In addition to that, liquidity providers can unlock extra benefits through esASX BOOST.

What is esASX BOOST?

esASX BOOST is an additional incentive provided to liquidity providers, aimed to amplify the initial distribution of esASX tokens. This BOOST can escalate the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) returns on your stETH holdings by up to four times compared to regular users.

How Does it Work?

By providing liquidity in the supported pools and locking your position, liquidity providers will automatically qualify for esASX BOOST. Depending on several factors, including Lock Period and Liquidity-to-Deposit Ratio, you could increase the initial distribution of your esASX tokens by up to x4.

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