Inspiration for the Asymetrix protocol was taken from a financial instrument called Premium Bonds in the UK, which has over £100 billion in assets and is used by 22 million people. It is a proven success story and a proof of concept.

This idea will suit the crypto community, as it is fair, auditable, decentralized, non-custodial, and community-driven. Asymetrix should bring this success story to crypto with all the advantages of decentralization.

Asymetrix goal

The goal is to create an analog of Premium Bonds in crypto with a large number of winners. Asymetrix is going to distribute staking rewards in a way that the basic average profitability for all users does not decrease significantly (e.g., 3% APR instead of 5% for ETH staking), while still offering the chance for super-large rewards (up to 1 million USD equivalent).

This approach will be a win-win for everyone, encouraging users to hold ETH and secure the network by staking, with the chance to receive outstanding, life-changing rewards.

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