Governance model

Asymetrix Protocol was designed as a DAO with the ultimate goal of creating a fully decentralized protocol owned, controlled, and governed by the community.

A user's value in the DAO, represented by an ASX token, gives them weight in the governance vote. These tokens will be distributed among users and protocol participants.

What benefits does participating in the DAO offer?

Through voting, users can currently change the following protocol settings:

  • Number of winners in each draw;

  • Distribution of rewards among the winners;

  • Management of the treasury;

  • Percentage of yield that should go to the treasury or implement another mechanism to capture value by the ASX token;

  • Other decisions regarding the operation of the protocol.

How does the voting process work?

Discussions take place on the forum, and everyone can create topics and participate in debates. It is also possible to create and participate in voting in the forum to check the temperature of an issue beforehand.

Governance voting takes place on Snapshot (, and it is free since it does not require paying blockchain fees. Each token equals one vote, and users with a balance of 50,000.00 ASX can create a poll. The minimum amount of votes needed to accept a proposal is 1,000,000.00 ASX for a positive vote (majority). Any wallet that owns ASX can vote, but the ASX token balance of each account is taken when the proposal starts.

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